Prosim Kimya is a leading trading of chemicals

Prosim Kimya is a leading trading and chemical distribution company located in Turkey. We exclusively represent 37 chemical raw material manufacturers

Oceanchem Groupthe leading supplier of flame

We,at the Flame Retardant business from 1990s, follow the global market demand based the abundant resources of Chinese bromine, which mined from Natural Underground


natural rubbers & latex. isnr 5, isnr 10, isnr 20; smr 5, smr 10, smr 20, sir 10, sir 20, svr 10, svr 20; rss 5, rss 4, rss 3, rss 1x; svr cv60, svr cv50, svr5 cv 50

Dielectric constant () :

Dielectric Constant Reference Guide Dielectric Constant (k) is a number relating the ability of a material to carry alternating current to the ability of vacuum to carry

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Volume 6How Products Are Made

Made How; Volume 6; Action Figure. An action figure is a doll-like toy designed to resemble characters from movies or literature. The figures can be articulated to

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Products for Coating IndustryProsim

COATINGS: Prosim Kimya is one of the leading chemical raw material suppliers in coating industry. Our sales team has trained to provide technical service to

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